Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amsterdam with Kristie

After the Scottish soccer drunks took over Amsterdam.

Picture of Kristie eating frietes with a fork and sauce.

Flying Vagina book by Usama and Kristie created at Extrapool

Our Flying Vagina book displayed with albums by Edward Ka-Spel (from Legendary Pink Dots) at Extrapool.

Extrapool, Nijmegen, Netherlands

I love Extrapool.

Nijmegen, Amsterdam...

Played my shorts the first night we got into a Nijmegen, a sleepy small town with the amazing Extrapool (where we stayed for a week.) Kristie and I created and printed a new book at Extrapool (they are a printing press/ arts residence/ performance space/ commune type place.) All I can say is it was very cool. I also showed work with the Kuntmaster at Tilburg. I've been carrying my audio recorder and taking photos so more stories and weirdness to come...

Oh yes and the book we created is called A History of Flying Vaginas.


Hanging out with Danielle and Goodiepal.

Our fav kebob place in Nijmegen.

Danielle and Jan at Extrapool.

Screening at Extrapool.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Film Tour in the Netherlands

I will be showing short films at Extrapool on March 20 in Nijmegen, Netherlands. And I will be staying there for about a week with my wife as an artist in residence.
This is where we will be.

And then on March 24, I will be showing more documentary work at Ruimte-X (Telexstraat 4a, 5038 DJ Tilburg, 013-5360207)

I'll be in the Netherlands from March 20 to 31. The last weekend we will be smiling naked in Amsterdam.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Solar Anus Cinema" DVD

Buy Solar Anus DVD on Amazon.

Kristie's new distribution company (Holy Mountain Video) is putting out a project I started six years ago. Finally it's all together under the title of 'Solar Anus Cinema.' Six of the films were shot on film and consist of a single female character in some form of sexual anxiety. The three video pieces are similar in vein but aesthetically different. And finally the longest piece, 'The Amateurs', is probably my most famously perverse piece I have ever created.

...his films frequently examine themes of sexuality, desire,
‘perversion’, race, and gender. His work is characterized by
a combination of dark humour and a gleeful celebration of what
deemed by mainstream culture to be deviant behavior…

-Jack Sargeant (from Deathtripping the Extreme Underground)