Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tell The Police The Truth

This is a music video I did for the band Mahjongg. The idea of the video came from the members of the band and Amy Cargill and I all hanging out drinking beer at Tuman's bar. I make a cameo in the film as one of the hooded figure and I am actually wearing a real Iraqi Ba'athi Republican Palace Gaurd army shirt. A buddy that was in Iraq brought it back and lent it to me for the video. It was a great shoot. All the principle shooting was done in one day down at Bridgeport. The cop uniform was the real deal and Hunter (member of Mahjongg) was VERY convincing as a cop. I had several images running in my head that I wanted. Some may be obvious: I thought of the 1968 Democratic Convention, Abu Ghraib, Insurgency videos, brutality, flashing blues brothers and hopefully some lightness in the dark.

I had also done another video for the same band members but for their musical variation of WATERBABIES. This is one of my favorite videos that I have ever made for a band. I know it is cut up footage but it is pure my friend. The original music is not so far away in soul and beats. I bumped into Hunter on the street and I said hey man I have this footage my Dad sent me from the Middle East of these crazy ass Arab dance troop and they dress all in camo and it is an all party let me cut it for WHOOP DRAFT- he said yes and so I bring you mutation east eats west licks chitown: