Monday, May 4, 2009

Bad Lit review of "My Third Painting"

Here’s the literal definition of “art cinema”: Usama Alshaibi’s short piece My Third Painting, which plays like a cross between Jackson Pollock, traditional glass plane animation, and a phone call from your drug dealer. You know, part horror movie, part abstract expressionism.

Actually, I remember watching a short documentary years ago on Jackson Pollock that placed a camera under a plane of glass he dripped and drabbed his paint onto to show off his technique. Although, I would assume with Alshaibi’s piece above that he’s using some sort of video green-screening effect to approximate the same thing here. Plus, what Alshaibi can do with the green-screening that the Pollock documentary couldn’t is place the painting on several different “levels” instead of just one. It’s an interesting effect.
-From Bad Lit by By Mike Everleth